FeministFire.jpgWelcome to the UTSA Women and Gender Studies Wikipage!

This site is currently being developed by the Spring 2009 WS 2013: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies class.

Women and Gender Studies is the study of women and gender using interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches. Feminist scholars in this field investigate the social, visual, and legal constructions of women, movements within women’s history, sexualities, violence, and images in popular culture, to name a few. They seek to understand how the experience of gender is shaped through intersections with the categories of ethnicity/race, class, sexuality, sexual orientation, age, disability, maternity, etc., as well as how those experiences operate within structures of power. Students in this introductory course are acquiring knowledge of key terms and concepts in gender studies; developing critical thinking skills; and gaining competency in finding the appropriate resources to find answers on their own. They will leave the course with a greater understanding of how feminist scholars have conceptualized gender and with the knowledge and skills of feminist inquiry to challenge institutions and enact their own social and political change.

The purpose of this site is to provide introductory overviews of topics in women and gender studies. The students in this course have chosen both general and specialized topics, and are currently researching their topics and carefully planning how they are going to organize their pages. At the end of the semester, we should have a brief yet informative introduction to important topics in Women and Gender Studies.

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