Lil Wayne

If you have turned on the radio to a mix or hip hop station, you have probably heard a song by, or featuring Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.; better known as Lil Wayne. Being today’s most popular rap artist, Lil Wayne indiscreetly tags a degrading generalization of women as he is hailed by millions for his sharp, fast, and wordy “freestyles” featured in countless hip-hop songs. Via pop culture, Lil Wayne’s music is socially constructing what feminists have been struggling to rid: heteronormativity and patriarchy in the masses. With the help of today’s careless media, and with a rebellious, hip hop culture surfacing at remarkable rates, Lil Wayne works his degrading beliefs of women into the minds of millions each day. In 2008, Lil Wayne produced the highest selling album of the year, “Tha Carter III”, earning him role-model status in pop culture as the growing and shaping of a degrading generalization of women sores with cheers, grammys and a thumbs-up from his listeners all over!