1) Introduction
a) Thesis: Domestic violence is a situation that may never be rectified but that doesn't make it any less of an issue in today's American society.

a)Signs of an abusive relationship/Examples of abuse
1.Belittling Behavior
2.Contolling Behavior
3.Physically Lashing Out of any Type
b)Reasons that the abuser acts the way they do
2.Wants control over victim. fears losing victim
3.Once was a victim of abuse
4.Childhood enviroment
c)Reasons that the Victim stays/ psychological effects
1. Low self esteem
2. Fear from abusers threats.

3) Types of Abuse
a) Physical Abuse
1. injuring or endangerment of a person
b) Emotional Abuse
1.Verbal or nonverbal abuse that hacks away at a persons emotions and feelings of self worth
c) Sexual Abuse
1. Being forced to participate in unwanted sexual activities
d) Economic Abuse
1. Gaining control of a person through controling finances

4) Cycle of Violence
a)Explain six steps or pattern of abusive relationships
b)Never a one time event/Violence Wheel
c)Getting out of an abusive realtionship

5) Conclusion

a)In turn, no woman should be put through the torment that domestic violence brings. Domestic Violence against the female race is truly an issue to me because I feel that women are the backbone to society. Without women the world wouldn’t run the way that it does now. Domestic violence shatters the person that a woman is and in turn the population is affected. When a woman has been a victim of rape her mind is forever a prisoner to that person. " I felt as if my whole world had been kicked out from under me" states Georgette, a woman who was raped by a man in her dorm. When a child is molested they are tainted and scared to speak out, left angry and depressed. Females that are abused by husbands and boyfriends are left weak. Sometimes unable to face the world in front of them. These women hide behind mask that cover their psychological distress. When a woman is assaulted she lives her life in fear, constantly paranoid. Constantly watching over her shoulder, turning each corner with hesitation, trusting no one. Sexual Harassment leaves a woman with her guard up at all times, thinking that every man is out to get her. These effects weaken the strong women that hold this society together. Some women are unable to raise their children to the best of their abilities. Some women disconnect themselves from the ones that love them. Some are even chose to isolate themselves from the complete world around them. Domestic Violence is a relevant issue that should receive the same attention that civil right received. America is to caught up in problems and situations that have no tre significance. Instead of America rapping themselves up in issues such as removing god from school, keeping lesbians and gays from getting married, and not allowing women to abort babies that are part of their own body, they should focus on protecting the women from having to struggle with the side effects and stress of domestic abuse.