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Wednesday, September 4

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    Domestic Violence is something that no man, woman, boy, or girl should ever have to endure. However, the reality of the situation is that it happens, daily. Nearly 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are victims to domestic violence from an intimate partner. Although many of these victims are now able to label themselves as survivors, 1,247 women didn't make it out of these relationships in the year of 2000. Females are the number one victims of child molestation, physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking. Many women fall prey to abuse as a result of ignoring the warning signs by believing that the treatment that they are receiving from their significant other is not abuse. The truth of the matter is that abuse is abuse no matter what title you try to cover it up with. Women believe that although it happened once it wont happen it. Honestly, abuse is never an one time event. Many women may believe that there is no way of escape or are a slave to fear. Once they have this mindset they have given their abuser victory;control. That is the purest most watered down definition of domestic violence and emotional abuse: control. Many people tend to think that only poor or colored women face this situation when in actuality anyone can be a victim. Despite your age, nationality, race, sexual orientation, gender, social class, religion or martial status you too can be a victim. Once abuse has started it continues in an ongoing pattern according to researchers, six steps says Help Guide; abuse, guilt, excuses, 'normal' behavior, fantasy and planning, and then set-up. Domestic violence is not the only social issue that women in America face however it is most relevant to me because i myself am a survivor. As a survivor, I clearly understand that domestic violence is a situation that may never be rectified but that doesn't make it any less of an issue in today's American society.vAnother Woman
    Today another woman died
    and not on a foreign field
    and not with a rifle strapped to her back,
    and not with a large defense of tanks
    rumbling and rolling behind her.
    She died without CNN covering her war.
    She died without talk of intelligent bombs
    and strategic targets
    The target was simply her face, her back
    her pregnant belly.
    The target was her precious flesh
    that was once composed like music
    in her mother’s body and sung
    in the anthem of birth.
    The target was this life
    that had lived its own dear wildness,
    had been loved and not loved,
    had danced and not danced.
    A life like yours or mine
    that had stumbled up
    from a beginning
    and had learned to walk
    and had learned to read.
    and had learned to sing.
    Another woman died today.
    not far from where you live;
    Just there, next door where the tall light
    falls across the pavement.
    Just there, a few steps away
    where you’ve often heard shouting,
    Another woman died today.
    She was the same girl
    her mother used to kiss;
    the same child you dreamed
    beside in school.
    The same baby her parents
    walked in the night with
    and listened and listened and listened
    For her cries even while they slept.
    And someone has confused his rage
    with this woman’s only life.
    -Carol Geneya Kaplan
    Sources used for this introduction are cited in bibliography.

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    I. History of Domestic Violence
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    I. History of Domestic Violence
    -View points
    II. How society views domestic violence
    - Perceptions of it
    III. Reasons for not reporting abuse
    - masculinity
    - ashamed of not being able to control the situation
    IV. Are there different standards between white and black men that are abused
    - who reports abuse more
    - cultural expectations of masculinity
    - history of black men and penol system

    is as highprevalent as women's.
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    or partner. Domestic violence for men is as high as women's.
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    Society has perceptions of men being strong respected beings. There is not much news media regarding a man being beaten by his wife or partner.

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